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We are the personal consulting firm where tight cooperation with the customer is of highest priority. LGSM Sweden AB is characterized by providing our customers and projects, full focus, and attention, which means that we want the projects to exceed client's expectations. Our intension is to create added value for you as a customer. We strive to be as efficient as possible in regards to time and quality.

We are a small consulting company that started in 2006, as the result of a continuing positive development we are expanding the business. We are structured today via a tight network of industry-knowledgeable staff at mixed ages and with several years of combined experience.

We have expertise in Quality, Occupational & Health Safety and Environmental Management, Legal, Finance, IT Security, Risk Management and Education.
Internationally, we have experience with projects in about 15 countries around the world.
Our headquarters is located at Hönö outside of Gothenburg but we have staff established with execution of activities have a base in the southern Sweden.  


What is important in your business?


No matter in what area you operates, what is of most importance is the customer receiving  what is agreed-upon.


To ensure a good implementation of your project, the planning, execution and follow-up is important.


LGSM help you to get started with the work.