Risk and Risk Assessment  


In all organizations, we encounter factors, internal and external, that affect the organization's ability to achieve its goals at the right time. This impacts on the organization's fulfillment we usually call the organization's risks. Everything that happens in the organization may constitute a risk. It comes at the management level and down to the everyday production work. And in every business, we manage risk by identifying and analyzing them. We then evaluate the risk to determine whether the risk should be modified by any type of risk response. This process is complex and should in certain phases also involve the company's stakeholders.

Successful organizations have developed and implemented a systematic approach to managing its major risks and thus can better when making sustainable forecasts, which in turn provides the opportunity to use their resources more effectively. Systematic risk management at all levels of the company provides a greater opportunity for the organization to avoid unnecessary costs and to develop and flourish.




Are you in the beginning of your work to develop a strategy and a risk management system?


We help you with implementing a comprehensive inventory of the risks and identify how they are managed today. The inventory carried you use then as a basis to find the right level in your continuing development of the systematic risk management work.

ISO 31000: Risk management / Risk management is the basis for the work