About us  


We offer support to our customers in quality, environment, safety, economy, education, IT security and risk management.

Through a small, easy adapted and flexible organization, are we a good option that gives you a good support in the desire for development and planning you come across.

Targeted methods are needed to work efficiently and use the organization as correct as possible, companies operate in a constantly changing environment which requires both resources and time, in those situations we would like to offer our services.

LGSM Sweden provides support and assistance within systems built in accordance with:
ISO 14001: Environmental Management
ISO 9001:   Quality Management
ISO 45001: Safety Management
ISO 31000: Risk Management
ISO 27000: IT security



LGSM Sweden provides support when creating the system as well support under implementation and the practical use of your system, also the work that comes with development.


We participate in the implementation of internal audits, building project plans in standard models or to a more customized plan for the small company.


We monitor in areas of environment, quality, health and safety, risk management, IT security and we review and comment on environmental impact assessments (EIA), etc.




The countries we have experience of working in are :
England, Estonia, Malta, Peru, Panama, Poland, Qatar, India and Ghana.
In recent period we have also worked in Germany, Denmark, Sri Lanka, Greenland, Iceland and Mozambique.


South Africa


LGSM Sweden opened a subsidiary in Stellenbosch located near Cape Town. Our target is to identify the group of companies that want to use a systematic way of working, and there's LGSM Sweden can support with development and implementation of systems. Our hope is  through an established network find the perfect partner in the near future to work in a longtime relationship with.